game1 [ geım ] noun ***
▸ 1 activity you do for fun
▸ 2 type of sport
▸ 3 particular competition
▸ 4 activity like a game
▸ 5 something not treated seriously
▸ 6 event with many sports
▸ 7 hunted animals etc.
1. ) count an activity that you do for fun that has rules, and that you can win or lose:
Monopoly is a game for all the family.
ball/card/board/party game: Do you know any good party games?
computer/video game: The kids all love playing computer games.
a ) an activity that children do for fun that may not have rules or a winner:
The children were playing noisy games in the yard.
b ) a game of chance an activity, especially one in which you GAMBLE money, that depends on luck instead of skill
2. ) count usually singular a type of sport:
They take the game of football very seriously here.
a ) the way that someone plays a sport:
He has worked hard to improve his game.
3. ) count a particular event in which people take part in a competition:
He won the money in a poker game.
Are you going to watch the game on TV tonight?
game of: Let's have a game of volleyball.
a ) one of the series of separate parts that make up a particular event in some sports, such as tennis:
He won the first set 6 games to 4.
4. ) count usually singular an activity or type of work that is like a game, for example because it has rules that you must follow:
In this business, you have to know the rules of the game.
He worked in the building game all his life.
5. ) count an activity or situation that someone seems to be treating less seriously than it should be treated:
Marriage is just a game to them.
They are playing political games with people's safety.
6. ) games plural an organized event where people from many countries compete in different sports such as running, jumping, and swimming:
the Olympic Games
7. ) uncount wild animals, birds, and fish that people hunt, usually for food
ahead of the game
in a situation that is likely to lead to success as the result of good planning, advice, luck, etc.
all part of the game or all in the game
a normal part of a particular activity:
For teachers, being unpopular is all part of the game.
beat someone at their own game
to do better at an activity than someone who has a reputation for being very good at it:
Hollywood did not enjoy being beaten by the British at its own game.
the game is up SPOKEN
used for saying that the truth has been discovered, especially when someone has been doing something wrong and will have to stop
give the game away
to let people know a secret or surprise when you did not want or intend to let them know:
The expression on her face gave the game away.
working as a PROSTITUTE (=someone who has sex for money)
the only game in town
the only thing of a particular type available:
At that hour, the hotel bar was the only game in town.
what's your/his/her game? SPOKEN
used for asking someone what their true intentions are when you think they are not being honest
game 2 [ geım ] adjective
1. ) prepared to join in with or to try a new, difficult, or dangerous activity:
He's such fun always game for anything.
2. ) a game knee or leg sometimes feels stiff or sore, often because of an old injury
╾ game|ly adverb

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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